Other School Events & Activities

4th & 5th Grade Chorus
4th & 5th Grade Orchestra
5th Grade Band
Annual Winter Concert in January: students perform during the day in the Birchwood Gym, and in the evening at the Niskayuna High School Auditorium (dress-up!)
Annual Spring evening Concert in May: students perform in the evening at the Niskayuna High School Auditorium.
Birchwood's many talented music students perform in two concerts per year.
All students in Grades 4-5 are part of the Birchwood Elementary chorus, directed by Mrs. Johnston. 
4th grade students have the option of joining the 4th Grade Orchestra, directed by Ms. Brown.  They may continue on in the 5th Grade Orchestra (also directed by Ms. Brown), or join the 5th Grade band directed by Mr. Pandori.
5th Grade Orchestra Members may also join the Fiddle Club for additional afterschool music fun with Ms. Brown! The club meets every other week
 in the Music Lesson Room.The Fiddle Club is open to all 2nd-year strings students. Permission slips are available on the Bulletin Board outside the Music Lesson Room. 
Staff Contact: Joan Brown
More information on the music programs at Birchwood (and throughout the district) is available from the Niskayuna Central Schools Department of Music Education website.

Annual Poetry "Open Mic" Night
Students and Staff Wax Poetic at Birchwood'sAnnual Poetry "Open Mic" Night during May. Kids, staff, and even parents can read their own or someone else's work during their turn at the microphone.  Readers can read once, or multiple times, and can read alone, or with a buddy, or even a group. Signup is required and is first-come, first served. Between 50-70 poems are usually shared during the evening--along with a lot of sweet treats afterwards, donated by great Birchwood parents!
 Here's a great sample of Open Mic fun, an original poem about the trials and tribulations of kid supervision by Birchwood's own Mrs. Tuttle.  Watch it here!

Birchwood's Learning Fair
Birchwood's Learning Fair is a periodically-held event which provides an opportunity for students to present on interesting topics from any discipline
(including Social Studies, Science, Math, Language, Art, Music, Travel Experiences, Hobbies, Sports, and many others) and share what they learn with others. Creative ways of sharing include everything from posters, models, and film to live animal displays! Students may work independently, with classmates, friends or family. All work is done outside school and with parents' active support.  The completed projects are displayed in the gym for a two-day viewing by classrooms, friends and family.